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Natural Beauty Tips From A Nutritional Therapist

We always put so much pressure on ourselves to look good, society certainly doesn’t help. However I believe looking your best is feeling your best. In doing so, that comes from within, so I’ve teamed up with nutritional therapist (and who happens to be my sister) Dania Trapani and asked her to give us some insight in leading a  ...

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Blow Dries & Interiors At Duck & Dry

Having a blow dry is always something I look forward to. When you have frizzy hair like myself then it becomes quite a necessity. While I’ve become quite a pro at styling it myself,  it’s never the same as having it professionally done. I find the whole experience so important, and it’s not just about the styling itself.  ...

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Hairstyle Inspiration – The Short Bob

For those of you that know me know that I always love changing up my hairstyle, as I do get bored quite easily.  September I cut my hair shoulder length after having it really long. Then December I cut some more off where it now sits just above my shoulders. And now I’m thinking of cutting even more off… I’m loving the really  ...

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