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11th March 2010

Seguso Viro and thought I would share it with you. For those of you who have never heard of this delight let me fill you in. Seguso Viro is a contemporary Murano glass company that produces absolutely exquisite products.

It’s quite Astonishing to know that for 600 years, the Seguso family have been crafting fine crystal through the art of glass-blowing. This knowledge and skill has been passed down century after century, up to present, where the Seguso family, continue to distinguish the company.

Seguso Viro create glass objects that combine the past with the present through both traditional and contemporary techniques. Every single one of Seguso’s pieces is created with a deep understanding and passion for art. All pieces are completely different and utterly unique.

Here is a taster of what Seguso Viro has to offer…..

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