London Design Week 2010

22nd March 2010
London Design week kicked off on Sunday, showcasing the latest collections from over 400 international brands in the 83 showrooms at the Design centre, Chelsea Harbour. Full of great lectures, informed seminars and the opportunity to connect with influential designers, it really is the place to get inspired and be one step ahead.

The Design Centre really does represent the very best in interior design from some of the most exclusive brands all just under one roof, and a beautiful one at that! From fabrics, furniture, lighting, wall coverings, accessories, carpets and many more, it really is the most stylish place to be at. 

As always I fell in love with so many beautiful fabrics and new products but here is just a taster of what the design centre has to offer. I adored Zoffany’s ‘Mosaic’ collection, real understated chic, also another favourite of mine was Zoffany’s ‘Gustavus’ wallpaper collection, which oozed elegance and simplicity. Porta Romana, as always never failed, showcasing the most beautiful objects. Zimmer + Rhode and Donghia had more amazing fabrics and Sanderson’s Ione Collection by Maggie Levien was just exquisite! 

I could go on and on but really you must see all of these gems for yourself and just head down to the Harbour! Here are a few inspiring images from the Design centre to get you into the mood…

 Zoffany ‘Mosaic’ Collection
 Zoffany ‘Gustavus’ Wallpaper Collection

 Porta Romana

 Porta Romana

 Zimmer + Rohde

 Sanderson ‘Ione’ by Maggie Levien


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