Madeline Weinrib

20th July 2010

The weekend is officially over but it has taken me sometime to get back into the swing of things. I am still feeling the effects of my pre birthday celebrations, drinking games are definitely not a good idea with me 😉

Back to what I love best, I found these gorgeous cushions from designer Madeline Weinrib, she creates the most exquisite cushions and rugs. I am loving the Ikat cushions at the moment, they have made such a come back in the design world which I am very happy about.

Check out her website where there is a whole wide selection of fantastic pieces from this very talented designer. Here is a selection of my favourite from the Ikat collection. I think they would look great for summer and can just visualise them in a carribean beach house with crisp clean white interiors……oh I do think it’s time for a holiday soon 😉

Images from Madeline Weinrib Website

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