Mydeco Design Democracy Blog Awards

31st July 2010
I was extremely excited when I received an email telling me that my Blog had been nominated for a Mydeco Design Democracy Blog award. I really only have you guys to thank as I am ever so grateful and really appreciate every single one of you who stop by, It means the world to me 🙂

I was asked to write about what ‘Design Democracy’ means to me. I feel there is no real definition but it is being able to  communicate your design ideas and actions in a totally liberal manner. Design your house how you want, express your opinions and share your inspirations, this is what Design Democracy is about.
My Blog is a place where I share all of my thoughts, where I can interact with amazing people and where I am free to be me and have no one tell me what is right or wrong.  It is where I bare my soul and am not afraid what people think. Design is my utmost passion and I am at my happiest when I am able to share this with people around the globe, bringing us all closer together for the one love we all share, DESIGN!
All of my influences come from daily surroundings, whether everyday life experiences, magazines, TV, books, websites, travelling, and more importantly the amazing blogs that I read on a daily basis, what would we do without them 🙂 I am ever so thankful that design democracy exists!

Voting starts on August 1st till 31st August. If you have been enjoying my blog and I have inspired you in some way or another then please do click on the link below and vote for me, it would really make my day!

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