Today I am Loving…

16th August 2010
These gorgeous vases that I have come across while reading Elle Decor Italia, even though I am on holiday I still like to be kept in the loop of the latest trends. This collection of ceramic objects with surfaces captured by blueprinting is just exquisite
These are the works of two very talented artists, Sarah van Gameren and Tim Simpson, together they form their signature company ‘Studio Glithero’, both bringing different influences with him being English and her being Dutch.
It is all a bit of a technical process to get this unique look but in a nutshell vases are impregnated with light sensitive chemicals before being kept in light sealed boxes. After, they are exposed to a UV light which leave a negative of the flowers strapped to the surface like a photographic image. Each piece being one of a kind as they are different from one another. 
I hope you like them just as much as I did! I’m off to the beach now to enjoy some rays 🙂

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