Thank you!

3rd September 2010
After an intense month of campaigning and trying to get as many votes in I finally did it, I won as ‘Best Newcomer’ in the Mydeco Design Democracy Awards 2010. What can I say other than the fact that I am totally speechless. It was already an honour being nominated but actually winning it against so many fantastic blogs!? Who would have thought my little blog would have such amazing support which I can only thank you guys for. Seriously without you I wouldn’t have been able to win it and it really means the world to me. 

I am now extremely excited to form the official task force at London Design Festival 2010, with VIP backstage access to all 200+ events. I can hardly wait!!!

I may have won it but all 33 blogs are true winners as we all share the same passion…..Hooray for Design Democracy!!!!

Image by Dmitry Tereshchenko from ‘Giardini La Mortella

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