Kelly Hoppen’s Iphone Application

21st October 2010
Kelly Hoppen’s Iphone/Ipad application is finally here! After long anticipation and excitement I quickly downloaded ‘Home Style’ early today and I can simply say it didn’t disappoint. Stylishly designed, simple to use it really gives you all the styling tips one needs to get you started. 
This handy little tool covers styling tips for bedrooms, dining tables, kitchens and my absolute favourite, shelves which can always cause a bit of a problem on the styling front. The results? Very stylish and very Kelly Hoppen!
Not only does it help you with all your styling needs but what I really like about this is that you really get a real insight into Kelly’s world. There are lots of videos where she shares her tips and inspirations which is always nice when your favourite designer opens up and lets you in on a few words of wisdom.
Full of great images, videos and text it is packed with great inspiring ideas. Its the perfect little styling book that you can carry with you. I highly recommend it as it is great for design enthusiasts like myself or anyone wanting to get started when decorating a space but need that extra push.

A favourite styling tip? Definitely the shelving & table styling and I love the ‘plum indulgence’ table setting, very stylish and sexy!

Reviewed for Mydeco.
Home Style is available in the Apple Store.
Images from Apple store


  1. Kristin Cortuna

    22nd October 2010 at 8:53 am

    sweet! i want one too 😀

  2. Meera@firstsense

    28th October 2010 at 6:48 pm

    I got to know of this app after I read your blog, so thank you! I downloaded it too, it's fab! Looking forward to the updates :o)

  3. Arianna

    3rd November 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Thanks and I am so happy you like it! x

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