Orla Kiely: Pattern

6th December 2010
Friday I went to the Orla Kiely talk at the V&A with fellow blogger Carole from Dear Designer’s Blog. Excited indeed I was, being a huge fan of Orla’s quirky work I was ecstatic to finally meet her and get my hands on a personalised hand signed copy of her book ‘Pattern’.
Her talk was extremely inspiring which was to be expected. Orla talked us through her childhood, her work experiences and what the brand Orla Kiely means to her. She also mentioned how the famous ‘stem’ design came about in summer 2001 and how she has never looked back since.

Images from the book Pattern.

Orla also told us about her collaboration with Apple where she has produced pretty accessories which are now available. Another exciting new project that she is working on, is with Citroen. Next year be prepared to see cars for the Orla Kiely girl, how cool is that!?

Pattern is a must have book, beautifully detailed, full of colour and inspiration. To have it personally signed is something I will cherish forever 🙂

Words that were used to describe Orla Kiely:
 ‘Honest, Affordable & Uplifting 
‘Joyous expressive sense of colour’
As I am totally inspired here is my Orla Kiely Wish List!

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  1. Michaela Mildenhall

    6th December 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Thanks very Arianna for doing this post – I almost feel that I was there now. Gutted I missed it though!

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