One To Watch: Sophie Paterson

15th December 2010
Today I bring you upcoming interior designer, Sophie Paterson, whom her work I admire very much. Her elegance and contemporary style are beautifully mixed making her interiors look effortlessly chic. 

Sophie Paterson Interiors formed in the summer of 2008 and has grown into a very successful interior firm ever since. She is a true inspiration to any designer starting out on their own, here the lovely Sophie talks a little bit about herself.

When did you realise you had a passion for design? 
From a very young age I took pride in continually re-arranging my bedroom, making sure that my cushions were just so and that my toys were all colour coordinated. When I would visit friend’s houses I would love chatting to their mum about their fabrics and furniture and dreamed of the day that I could style my own home and not just my bedroom. I was probably about 12 when I realized interior design was my dream career. At 15 I did work experience at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre with Zoffany and Cole & Son and from there I was hooked!

Where do you inspirations come from? 

I am going to break with tradition here and not cite ‘travel’ and ‘nature’ as my primary inspirations! For me my inspirations are much more specific and concrete: the architecture of the property; the client; gorgeous fabrics and special pieces of furniture that I have seen & stored in my mind for future use. The internet is an increasingly important source of inspiration too. Through twitter, blogs and online magazines I have been exposed to some very inspiring products and designers all over the world. Fashion is also a huge influence. I would ay that all of these factors work on a subliminal level, the actual design process is driven by a feeling of what is right for the space.

What has been the highlight of your career so far? 
I live, breath and dream about each project for its duration. In that respect, the greatest highlights are the moments that your vision comes together. You stand in the space and can see that the furniture fits the space beautifully, the colour scheme is in perfect harmony, the patterns are singing and you’ve achieved what you’d hoped and strived for during the preceding months, weeks, and days. I relish those moments. It is such a privilege to be your own boss, in such an amazing industry and have clients prepared to spend their money to realise your vision for their property. Moreover it’s a welcome respite from the periods of self-doubt, stress, deadlines, budget dramas and supplier nightmares that plague interior designers (or at least the honest ones- yes we are human too!)
I’d also like to add that it means so much when someone you don’t know tells you how much they loved one of your projects or that you have inspired them in some way.

What do you hope to achieve in 5 years time? 

I love this question as I am a definite planner and am constantly re-adjusting my 1, 5 and 10 year plans! I have had some amazing opportunities and good fortune in my relatively short career and consequently some of the ambitions I’ve already achieved. Having my own design studio and office was something I had dreamed of since day 1. Let me tell you working from your dining room is no fun in an open plan house! Bringing on board another designer was also a great step, it’s so lovely to have not only the help with the workload and bounce ideas off each other but the company is great too! The next step is to launch the online furniture, lighting and accessories collection that we have been building, so that those that like my style but want to create their own homes can have access to the unique and beautiful pieces I use in my projects. Hopefully within 5 years time we’ll also have a shop to showcase the collection.

What famous artists/designers do you admire or inspires you the most? 

I have huge respect and admiration for both Kelly Hoppen and Louise Bradley, not only for their style but also the way they are expanding their businesses. With regards to art I tend to be inspired by the art of less well known artists that are consequently more accessible and that you might find in my home or the homes of my clients and friends. I love to have time to contemplate the piece at different times in a peaceful environment rather than queuing in a museum surrounded by school kids! My current obsession is the work of both Dylan Lisle and Patsy McArthur.

What five words would best describe you? 

Driven, direct, hardworking, honest and loyal.

What 5 things couldn’t you live without?  
My husband Kevin, my cocker spaniel Bo, My family, magazines and great restaurants.

Thank you so much to Sophie for sharing with us a few things about herself. I really find her inspiring and very talented and believe there is a bright future ahead of her as I am sure she will have that showroom of hers amongst many other things!


  1. Sophie Paterson

    15th December 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Hi Arianna, thanks for the interview. I've always enjoyed reading about other designers you have featured, i'm in great company on this blog and pretty chuffed! x Sophie

  2. Marina

    16th December 2010 at 10:29 am

    Great interview Arianna!
    Its great to hear about someone so young and so driven reaching their ambitions.
    I enjoy reading your one to watch posts!

  3. Arianna

    16th December 2010 at 10:52 am

    Sophie, thank you for taking part, you're a real inspiration to anyone starting out! I'm the one that is pretty chuffed to have had you featured on it 🙂
    Marina thank you always for leaving lovely comments. I am so happy you like them! xxx

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