Henrietta Dubrey Art Exhibition

19th July 2011
I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I just got back from Italy mixing work and pleasure. Been working on a project which has been so nice, very slow but really enjoyable. Still have lots of small details to sort out but finally all finishes are sorted. It is looking lovely and I am kicking myself I didn’t take any pictures to share with you. I promise once it is all done up I will…

In the mean time back in London I popped down to Skandium to see the art exhibition of Henrietta Dubrey. I love her oil paintings as they are reminiscence of influences from Picasso and Matisse mixed together. I adore her vivacious colours and basically her freedom of movement. Dubrey says ‘my work is generally described as abstract, although I would describe my paintings as autobiographical deconstructions and reconstructions of life‘. I really like that description, it’s exactly what her art pieces convey.

Henrietta now lives and works in West Penwith on the north coast of Cornwall. Her inspirations range from books, magazines, music to family life and holidays. It clearly shows in her work and if her curriculum is anything to go by, it really is rather impressive. Having studied painting in London at the Byam Shaw School of Art, Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools in the late 1980s she really is a raw talent. What do you think? Are you loving her artwork as much as I do? Her colours are just divine, just what the doctor ordered with this miserable weather around!

Henrietta Dubrey’s Art Exhibition at the Skandium Brompton and Marylebone stores is from 18th-31st July. Definitely worth a visit!

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