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The Right Window Dressing For My Home

11th March 2014

I’m a bit indecisive whether I should be getting curtains for the home, and if so what kind of style. So many decisions to make that I have narrowed it down to few options…

I do like these from Bluebellgray – they are vibrant and fun and would really light the space up as my living room can be quite dark at times. The question is could I live with such a vibrant pattern or would I get bored very quickly – I am known to change my mind very often.

Then there is this beautiful option, taken from Cabbages & Roses – something with less pattern and more easy on the eye. My only concern is it could be too dark for my space but I do love the cosy feel this gives.

Voiles can be so dreamy as they create an atmosphere and yet let in so much light. Could be a match made in heaven.

Or perhaps I should just go with shutters – easy, sophisticated and clean without darkening the space too much.

For a selection of Curtains and blinds there is a great range available from image by Sarah Quill, Fourth image by Sean Dagen styled by Cecy J Roberts

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