Recipe Of The Week: Beef & Tenderstem Broccoli Stir Fry

16th March 2015

I’m not one to totally exclude things from my diet, I simply cut down on certain things, red meat being one of them. However when I fancy it I’ll have some as a treat, Today my sister shares with us this delicious recipe and trust me when I say it tastes so good!

‘Beef has always been one of my favourite foods and it always will be. I tend to eat less of it now for health reasons and regard it as a treat I have once or twice a month. Meat is a good source of protein but it is important to note that when purchasing meat, it must be from a reputable butcher and it needs to be organic, free of antibiotics and hormones that are detrimental to a woman’s body reeking havoc with hormones. Another point to note when eating protein is that it should always be the size of your fist. Meat is hard to digest and eating it in large quantities places a strain on the digestive system and kidneys. So as with everything else moderation is key’.


serves 2

1 fillet steak cut into strips
150g of tenderstem broccoli
splash of olive oil
Home made meat stock or water
1 garlic clove
1 spring onion
Small piece of ginger
1tablespoon of sesame oil
1 teaspoon of sesame seeds
cayenne pepper
1-2 tablespoons of tamari

Cut the beef into strips and place in a bowl with olive oil, himalayan salt and cayenne pepper. Roughly chop the tenderstem broccoli and steam them for 10 minutes and set aside. Place the beef in the pan and as it begins to fry add a little stock, you do not want to add too much as you do not want too much liquid. Cook the beef for 2-3 minutes and then put aside. Place more oil in the pan and add the garlic, spring onion, ginger and cook for a minute. Add the broccoli, the beef and the tamari and cook for 2-3 minutes stirring all the time, tasting it and adding more seasoning if required. Add the sesame oil and seeds, stir and serve. You can serve it with some brown rice. Enjoy.

Dania Trapani  is a fully qualified nutritional therapist and naturopath. Make sure to follow  her blog for her latest recipes and healthy tips.

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