Recipe Of The Week: Green Smoothie Bowl

13th April 2015

Today I wanted to share with you a super easy and quick smoothie. My sister and I were playing around in the kitchen and with the weather getting warmer we wanted to create a smoothie bowl, so we came up with this delicious green bowl packed full of healthy goodness. I just love smoothies, they are so easy to make and ideal if you are constantly on the go.  For this specific one we used superfoods like OrganicBurst wheatgrass powder and bee pollen.

1 small avocado
1 mango
A handful of spinach
1 tablespoon of quinoa flakes
1 tablespoon of ground lindseed, sunflower and chia seeds
2 tablespoons of coyo coconut yoghurt natural flavour
1 teaspoon of OrganicBurst wheatgrass
Coconut water (adjust according to how thick you like it)

For the topping
Chia seeds
Bee pollen
Coconut shavings

Start by peeling the mango and avocado removing the stone and place them in a blender with the rest of the ingredients. Blend until the smoothie is creamy and smooth. Pour into a bowl and top with strawberries and sprinkle with chia seeds, bee pollen, coconut shavings and enjoy!

Dania Trapani  is a fully qualified nutritional therapist and naturopath. Make sure to follow her blog for her latest recipes and healthy tips.

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