Recipe Of The Week: Strawberry Ice Lollies

10th August 2016

With the summer weather still going strong my sister and I decided to make more ice lollies. These are yummy strawberry lollies sprinkled with dark chocolate. These are super easy to make. For this recipe we used Silkomart silcone moulds. You can purchase these from amazon. These are yummy, creamy and super easy to make.


1 punnet of strawberries

3 bananas

2 tablespoons of coyo coconut


Melted dark chocolate to sprinkle on top


Sweetener of your choice. We didn’t use any but feel fee to taste and see if you would like the lolly mixture sweeter before you pour them into the moulds.

Wash the strawberries and remove the tops. Peel the bananas, chop them and place in the blender with the strawberries and coconut yoghurt. Blend until lovely and smooth. Since our moulds are open we place the lolly sticks in the moulds first, then we pour in the mixture. Once poured into the moulds place in the freezer. They should be ready in 5 hours. If you have normal moulds you do not need to insert the sticks in before pouring the mixture. After 30 minutes in the freezer you can insert the sticks. Once ready melt some dark chocolate and pour onto the lollies. Enjoy!

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