Vincent Van Gogh

26th March 2010
A few weeks ago I went to see the exhibition of one of my all time favourite artists, Vincent Van Gogh. It was truly a stunning, emotional and captivating exhibition which really explores deep into the amazing mind of this incredible artist.
His genius with ink turns out to be the theme of this show. The main event of this exhibition is the publication of his letters, with which nearly 900 survived. Extracts appear alongside 90 or so pictures and originals are displayed in vitrines, blown up on gigantic screens as if they were works of art, and indeed they are as they are frequently beautiful, impassioned and always eloquent.

What struck me most about these letters was the bond between him and his brother, Theo, as most of his correspondence was to him. Infact it is thanks to this impeccable bond with his brother that gave Vincent Van Gogh the strength and confidence to produce some of the most captivating and passionate paintings. To think his painting career only lasted 10 years and yet he managed to produce so many outstanding works of art.

Each painting is a breakthrough and an advanced act of praise, all signature styled with his vibrant colours and vivid brush strokes. Spring is definitely in the air when you head yourself down to see this amazing exhibition!

Below is a selection of my favourite paintings shown at the exhibition.

Roses, May 1890. This is one of my absolute favourites. I adore the white roses against the pale green wall but what strikes me the most are the electrifying brush marks that channel the flow of sensation. Beautiful.

The Olive Trees, June-July 1889.

Vase of Cornflowers, Daisies, Poppies and Carnations, June-July 1886.

Cypresses, June 1889.

Basket of Oranges, March 1888.

One of the many letters at the exhibition which shows his sketching in ink.

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