Magical Fuerteventura

10th May 2010
I recently got back from a quick holiday in the wonderful island of Fuerteventura. Well I surely didn’t know what to expect but my friend urged me to go as she kept telling me how captivating and enchanting it really is and she was absolutely right.
From sand dunes to turquoise seas to rocky landscapes, it really is an island full of alluring colours and textures. A place where you can only be inspired not only for its beautiful surroundings but for its utmost tranquillity. You can find yourself immersed in the middle of nowhere with just the sound of the wind blowing and your thoughts taking charge, everything else at that moment seems so insignificant. We sometimes forget how powerful and endearing nature is and when you find yourself surrounded by such beauty it really puts into perspective the things that really matter in life.
A word of advice stay away from the tourist areas, the worst part of the island, where everything has been constructed with no taste at all just to please the holidaymakers. Don’t be put off though, rent a car and immerse yourself in this fascinating and magical island.

All photographs taken by Francesco Menconi.

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