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Praktik Bakery Hotel Barcelona

9th June 2014

There’s nothing nicer than setting off to the bakers first thing in the morning. The smell, the atmosphere – it just makes me so happy, so imagine a proper bakery in a hotel! Well this is just the case at the Praktik Bakery hotel in Barcelona. They feature a quality bakery in the heart of the hotel. The Baluard bakery is a top bakery open through out the day which makes this hotel come to life. Most lobbys can be quite dull and empty but this is definitely an exception as it is a living and lively part of this cool 74-room designer hotel. Designed by Lazaro Rosa Violan, the interiors are beautiful with a modern urban edge feel. And those floor tiles are calling out my name – love! I don’t know about you but this is definitely one place I’ve bookmarked for my next visit to Barcelona.

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  1. caroline @trend-daily

    12th June 2014 at 6:26 pm

    LOVE the look of this hotel Ari! Thanks for sharing-will definitely try it too! xx

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