Recipe Of The Week: Beetroot Feta and Walnut Salad

22nd June 2015

Summer is all about salads and my sister and I created this delicious recipe that I think you will enjoy. It is much easier to be healthy in the summer as the body tends to favour more cooling foods. It’s also lovely and colourful, which always makes it that little bit more fun and enjoyable.


A handful of mixed leaves (radicchio, baby leaf and rucola)
1 small grated carrot
6 cherry tomatoes
2 small beetroots
6 steamed asparagus diagonally sliced
50g feta cheese (you can use more if you like)
A handful of walnuts

Remember to always wash your greens thoroughly, especially if not organic. It it so important to get rid of all those harmful pesticides. Build the salad in layers starting with the first ingredient on the list, finishing with the last. Serve with virgin olive oil and tamari or oil and apple cider vinegar. Enjoy!

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