1990s vs Today’s Interior Trends + Radio Debut With Anna Ryder Richardson From Changing Rooms

23rd April 2016

Hey guys, I’m so excited to share with you that on Monday 25th April, I will be taking part in a *radio day as part of a new campaign called Price Rewind where Everest will be rewinding their window prices to those of 1991 (25 years ago). I will be chatting alongside Anna Ryder Richardson, star of cult 90s interiors show Changing Rooms, where we will be discussing all things interiors. We will comparing notes from the trends back in the 1990s to current ones and also discussing about prices of doing things then, compared to now.

Things have drastically changed from the 90s to the present. Back then Interior Design was seen as an exclusivity and consumers had definitely less resources on hand and decorating a house on a budget was quite a challenge. Designers were also very secretive about suppliers and brands. Nowadays there is so much information online from blogs to youtube and people are experimenting more with DIY projects. High Street brands are also selling great homeware pieces at affordable prices and places like eBay are a great source to shop. If we also take note that Ikea has become some sort of phenomenon, it really does reflect how people really want to create beautiful homes on a budget, seeing as house prices are just sky rocketing. That is why many are improving and decorating their homes rather than selling.


Shades of grey and blue tones play a big role in today’s trends. Image by Mark Bolton.

It is so interesting to see what the top ten interior trends were back in the 1990’s:

1. Inflatable furniture

2. Damask wallpaper

3. Rag rolling

4. Pine furniture

5. Lava lamp

6. Crazy paving

7. Chintz

8. Oriental

9. Beige tones

10. Glow in the dark ceiling stickers

Growing up as a young kid in the 1990s I remember owning a lava lamp in my room and having pine furniture and beige tones through out. Things have drastically changed since then, from beige colours we have swiftly moved to shades of grey and midnight blues. It’s all about cosy knits and vintage pieces. Touches of traditional tartan still remain strong, and we are also seeing hints of twenties style, with its metallics and mirrored surfaces thanks to the influence of programmes such as Downtown Abbey.  Handmade ceramics also play a big part in today’s trends as people do like to feel some sort of connection to the craftsman.

However not all is so different from the 90s, back then fuelled by the recession, people scaled back and toned down. Interiors were serene, minimal, and soothing. Light pine and blond woods still play a major role in today’s trends, and white kitchens are definitely not a thing of the past.


Vintage pieces still going strong. Image by Oliver Gordon.

About The Campaign

Rewinding back to 1991, Mr Blobby was number one in the charts, children across the land were feeding their Tamagotchi and lava lamps were a style thing. But it wasn’t all bad. Figures compiled by Everest show that running a home was considerably cheaper than it is today, with Britons in 2016 paying up to 70% more to heat their home and a shocking 295% to buy one!

Everest, the UK’s leading home improvement company is bucking the trend of soaring costs with the launch today of Price Rewind,  a campaign that sees its range of state of the art windows and doors available at prices that customers paid 25 years ago. While the price of a loaf of bread has risen by 54% and a pint of milk by a hefty 81%, average income in Britain has risen by just 45%, meaning Brits have to tighten their belts even further. Electricity is one of the few household staples which hasn’t risen so steeply, with the average annual bill costing 16% more today than it did in 1991.

Everest’s Price Rewind campaign sees customers able to enjoy the latest developments in windows and doors at prices on offer in 1991. This month, Everest has introduced significant improvements to both its Essentials and Exclusives ranges of double glazed windows – its warmest double glazing yet, achieving WER rating of A+10 and A+15 respectively.

On The Radio

So make sure to catch me on Monday 25th April on the radio with Anna Ryder Ricahardson as any moral support will be much appreciated as I will be a tiny bit nervous 😉 Below are the radio times…

REMOTE: 14:40 23/04 Talk Radio, Martin Roberts, UK, National, Pre-Rec

09:15 BRFM John Price, Blaenaugwent, Live

09:25 Radio Yorkshire Darren Harper, Yorkshire, Live

09:35 Forest FM 92.3 Steve Saville, Dorset, Pre-Rec

10:05 Express FM Josh Beaven Portsmouth 20,000 Typical Pre-Rec

10:25 Black Diamond FM Geoff Ruderham, Midlothian, Live

10:35 Brighton’s Juice 107.2 Hanna Neter, Brighton, Pre-Rec

10:45 Big City Radio Simon Doe, Birmingham, Live

11:05 Share Radio Georgie Frost, London, Pre-Rec

11:15 102.5 The Bridge Simon Fauxie, East Midlands, Live

11:25 High Peak Radio Lissa Cook, Peak District, Derbyshire, Pre-Rec

11:25 Ashbourne Radio 96.7 Lissa Cook, Derbyshire, Pre-Rec

11:35 Seahaven FM Jason Hall, Seaford, Pre-Rec

11:45 Pirate 2 FM Isha Pitt, Cornwall, Pre-Rec

11:55 Revival FM Julien Crispin, Scotland, Pre-Rec

12:05 BBC Radio Norfolk Matthew Gudgin, Norfolk, Pre-Rec

Pre-Rec Somer Valley 97.5 FM Luke Barnes, Somerset, Pre-Rec

Pre-Rec Oldham Community Radio 99.7 FM David McGealy, Oldham, Pre-Rec

Pre-Rec Radio Verulam Phil Richards, St Albans, Pre-Rec

Pre-Rec 91.8 Hayes FM, Sylvia Smith, West London, Pre-Rec

Pre-Rec Unity 101, Kelly Ram, Southampton, Pre-Rec

Pre-Rec 97.5 Kemet FM, Christine Belle, Nottingham, Pre-Rec

Customers can find out more about Price Rewind by contacting Everest free on 0800 010 123 or completing the ‘free quote’ request form at Price Rewind offer will be available from 22ndApril – 3rdJune

This post is in collaboration with Everest.


  1. Kate Baxter

    25th April 2016 at 2:19 pm

    Oh maan, inflatable furniture, glow in the dark ceiling stars… lava lamps! hahah, it’s so bad that I remember this!! And oh how exciting that you’re on the radio my love – you’ll be amazing I know 🙂 xx

  2. Katy Orme

    25th April 2016 at 3:05 pm

    Oh my goodness, that top 10 list of 90’s interior trends is hilarious! It all sounds so hideous now. The Price Rewind campaign sounds great especially because people are far more likely to make home improvements in the current housing market instead of moving house x

  3. Caroline davis

    26th April 2016 at 11:53 am

    Wow-well done Ari!!! And what a post! Xxx

  4. Becky Goddard-Hill

    3rd May 2016 at 1:07 pm

    How I hated inflatable furniture!!!

  5. Molly andthePrincess

    9th May 2016 at 10:36 am

    Interesting how things have changed (in some ways, and not in others). I loved watching Changing Rooms in the 90s – but it led me to some ill-judged decorating moves, like rag-rolling 🙂 Stencilling was big too – yikes!

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