Get The Look: From 1970s to the Modern Day

9th June 2016

I don’t really like the word ‘trends’, while I think they subconsciously have an impact on our choices I do feel that one should go with what they like not with what is fashionable. If your heart skips a beat for bright colours or clashing patterns, then don’t be afraid and follow your gut instinct. Decorate your home as it pleases and makes you happy. Nowadays everything goes, from clashing patterns, shades of grey, crazy florals to scandic design.

It’s always interesting to see how trends have changed or evolved. While many trends in the past decades are best forgotten some always seem to stand the test of time. Not long ago I wrote an article about 1990s trends compared to today which you can read here. While trends come and go one of the most important factors are the fixtures that have evolved for the better with the latest technology. With house prices going up in general, saving on energy costs is fundamental therefore having the best possible door and window fixtures is essential. Your windows need to act like radiators. For example Everest offer Secondary Glazing for period properties, which allows you to keep your exterior windows but with the benefits of innovation double glazing on the inside, keeping you warm, secure and energy efficient. Everest offer a variety of other window designs, such as Casement, Sash, Tilt Turn and Dual Turn. These are available in a variety of materials, uPVC, Timber and Aluminium.  

While looking over some old pictures from the Everest archives, I was drawn to this 1971 photo of this retro style living room. So, talking about old and new I thought why not recreate this look for the modern day. While things have changed so much since the 70s it’s always fun to see florals still going strong even though the style of the sofa is pretty much outdated. Looking at this picture we can see as mentioned that window fittings have always played an important role, these are the  Aluminium Secondary Glazing from Everest. While carpets in living rooms were quite the norm, nowadays its all about breaking it up. Wooden flooring is going strong and a great way to add texture and depth to a room is by adding rugs.

I thought why not create a modern style take from the above photo. I wanted to create a modern but rustic look as I think the two combined styles work really well together. A fun patterned sofa adds personality and an element of fun into a room. The beni rug adds texture to the living room while the rustic wooden trunk adds a touch of cosiness and warmth. Other elements add a sleek modern twist to the overall look keeping it clean and simple. With everything rising in price it’s always great to be able to save a bit of money while decorating your home. It’s probably for this reason that up-cycling has played a vital role in the last few decades. Add a few pieces of up-cycled furniture into your home to add a bit of charisma.

One thing is certain, whatever decade you are in, your home remains your comfort abode and the biggest investment you will ever make, so take care of it, love it and invest wisely on the things that really matter.

1/ Zeppelin Three Seat Sofa In Paradise Mineral. 2/ Chateauneuf Rustic Wood Trunk, The French Bedroom Company. 3/ Souk Wool Rug, West Elm. 4/ Origin Solid Mango Wood Coffee, La Redoute. 5/ Silver & Gold Pineapple Lamp, Graham & Green. 6/ Tretton Shelf, My Furniture. 7/ Louna Woven Rice Straw Basket, La Redoute. 8/ uPVC Casement Windows, Everest. 9/ Principe Miorror With Natural Oak Frame, La Redoute. 10/ Meven Candle Holer, La Redoute.

This post is in collaboration with Everest, all views are my own.


  1. Caroline

    10th June 2016 at 1:20 pm

    Great idea! I think that the 70’s design are the best period to get inspired.

  2. Georgie

    12th June 2016 at 9:18 am

    We are loving the mix your design styles to create modern living over at . A wonderful mix of products and design to create that wondrous homely feel. xx

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