5 Daily Essentials

9th February 2011

Down in blogosphere the lovely Jeska from Lobster & Swan tagged me to post my 5 daily essentials. Now I have many, so to choose just 5 is never easy, but after thinking about it here are the ones that I cannot really live without on a daily basis.
Firstly notebooks, they are like the air that I breathe, I am constantly jotting down notes, thoughts and inspirations that pop into my little head. Secondly I cannot function first thing in the morning without a good English cup of tea, that is the British in me 🙂 Another essential for me is a facial moisturising cream. I usually have so many as I am constantly changing but at the moment this Lancome Hydra Zen is fabulous! Perfect for soothing the skin on these cold winter days. I obviously cannot live without my Blackberry, it’s terrible I know! I am constantly checking emails, twitter and of course facebook oh and there is also blackberry messenger which I am also so addicted to 🙂 Lastly if I had to choose just one make-up essential that I cannot do without well it would have to be my lip gloss. I always find that a light shade of pink makes me look more radiant (well at least I like to think). I am a big fan of Dior’s lip glosses as they come in so many exquisite colours and the textures are so lovely.
Well there you go, now you all know the 5 things that I cannot live without. It is my turn to tag the next victims and I would love to find out the daily essentials of these lovely people: Carole from Dear Designers, Will from Bright.Bazaar, Helena from A Diary of Lovely, Ludmila from Creamylife and Michaela from Popartrockgirlyeah.

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  1. Belly

    9th February 2011 at 2:49 pm

    I love your picks, and I can relate to constantly checking twitter… Are you enjoying the lancome cream? I'm looking for a new moistrizer, too.

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