Christmas Pretty Doors With Banham

20th December 2016

We all love beautiful interiors but nowadays it’s not only about the inside of your home but also about Kerb appeal. The last few years there has been this growing trend with beautiful doors to make your home just as attractive on the outside as inside. It is for this reason that over on Instagram I created the account @prettydoortraits, professing my love for beautiful doors. I may be a little biased, but London certainly does do the best doors and especially around Christmas time. Pretty doors with a festive incentive always get me super excited this time of year.

It’s for this reason that many turn to Banham for security as the home owners are usually interiors savvy who want everything to be beautiful, including their locks! Banham is the largest provider of security to homes in London and the South East – all those  pictures of beautiful homes on instagram are almost always a Banham-secured home!

Their founder invented the first automatic door bolt which has led to the iconic Banham lock today. Their keys are also iconic in London – they have a key patenting service which means no Banham key can be copied without the registered homeowners approval.

They take great pride in their design and aesthetics of their products, in keeping with interior design trends, with Locks and door accessories available in an array of finishes to compliment your home door. Overall Banham are not just a security brand but a household name in London and very much fits in with interior design.

For a chance to win a door makeover by Banham, make sure to visit my Instagram account @ariannasdaily for a chance to win!

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