Trinny London: A New Makeup Brand To Love

6th November 2017

Rewind to circa early 2000, I was obsessed with Trinny and Susannah, the cult series ‘What Not to Wear’ where the stylish duo would offer fashion advice. Therefore you can imagine my excitement seeing the return of Trinny Woodall on social media channels, looking more fabulous than ever. There is no denying she has become my guilty pleasure, her instagram account has to be one of my favourites. Sharing not only her fashion knowledge  but also plenty of beauty tips and advice on how she looks absolutely amazing. Having just launched her very own makeup line, Trinny London, I couldn’t help but eagerly put it to the test. Does the fashion queen meet up to the expectations and credibility of delivering a make-up brand that actually delivers results? Here I give it a try…

The range is all about fuss free makeup, just the way I like it. It works on the basis of stripping your routine down all in stackable pots so they are easy to use. It can all seem daunting at first, as there are 59 products to choose from but that’s where the beauty lies as Trinny has made the online experience easy and functional. The ‘Match2Me’ system is very clever, you create a personal profile answering  a series of questions, including your hair and eye colour and your skin family and skin tone. It then narrows down to approximately 20 products that work for you! Fabulous and this is where the fun starts!

So it turns out I am a ‘peaches and cream’ and I was inundated with a choice of products that quite frankly I felt I needed them all – but my bank balance wouldn’t allow such behaviour, so I ended up cutting it down to 6 pieces! Before I go any further can we discuss the packaging? I am a total sucker for fabulous packaging and this hits all the right points! The bold yellow is so lush and I adore the stackable pots – easy to adjust and to carry around.

As mentioned above, after my choice of products was whittled down I decided to go for the following: BFF cream in light; Just a Touch in Zandy; Golden Glow in Jensta; Flush Blush in Electra; Eye2Eye in Universe; Lip Glow in Maddie and Lip Luxe in Demon. (These can be seen in the image below from left to right).

What’s fantastic about this makup brand, that being a non beauty expert whatsoever I love the fact that you apply it with your fingers! Hurray as you’ll never catch me applying foundation with brushes – fingertips have always been my bread and butter. So after applying all of my skincare products, I start off applying  a small amount of the BFF cream all over my face. This smells lovely and has a spf 30 which is perfect! It instantly gives a natural glow and there is hardly any need for foundation. I then use ‘Just a Touch’ which is a type of cover up/foundation. I literally dab it on my problem areas such as under my eyes to help ease the dark circles and around my nose area to hide any blemishes and redness. It gives very good coverage. Afterwards I use ‘Golden Glow’ which is a bronzer. I love how creamy this is and so easy to blend in. I place it around the areas that I would naturally pick up some colour if sunbathing. I rub it on my cheekbones, on my forehead, along my nose and subtly around my jaw to give some definition. This instantly gives a gorgeous glow which also feels lovely. I then apply a tiny bit of  ‘Flush Blush’ just around the cheek bones to add a little colour.

With my base now ready I am left pretty satisfied with the overall glow and natural look I have achieved. I have never liked wearing too much makeup – not because I don’t need to (I do) but simply because I just don’t like spending hours and I like something quick and not too complicated. I am so unadventurous when it come to makeup and if there is one item I cannot live without then it has to be lip stick or lip gloss. A dab of colour on your lips can make all the difference. In the picture above I am wearing ‘Lip Luxe’ in Demon and I love this subtle shade of red as it is not too dark but instantly gives a pretty glow. For a slightly more natural look I swapped the ‘Lip Lux’ with ‘Lip Glow’ in Maddie as shown in the image below. This has to be my utmost favourite item as not only does it smell (and taste) divine, it leaves your lips super soft and I love this natural peachy shade. I can see myself wearing this all the time – I’m obsessed, I have finally found my everyday nude. I also dabbed a bit of ‘Eye2Eye’ in Universe around my eyelids just to emphasise subtly my eye colour.

All in all I am so loving this new makeup brand, it literally is everything I had hoped for. Easy to carry, quick to apply and leaves a gorgeous glow. If you’re like me and want to achieve a natural glow in the easiest possible way then you will love Trinny London. Prices start from £16 which aren’t too bad. If I had to recommend my top products then I would probably say BFF, Just a Touch and Lip Glow. However I am already eyeing up the highlighter and the mattifying balm, which I have heard great reviews. Guaranteed, my stack will be getting higher and higher at this rate!

All products mentioned in this post are available from Trinny London.


  1. Carole King

    6th November 2017 at 3:39 pm

    I’m sold already. Like you I am completely unadventurous with make-up so the simpler the better. You look lovely btw. x

  2. Amanda

    6th November 2017 at 4:01 pm

    Oh I’m going to have to purchase now I’ve read this. Great post! Love the images at the end Arianna, very cool.

  3. Will

    6th November 2017 at 5:50 pm

    You look stunning, hun!

  4. Dania Trapanni

    6th November 2017 at 6:08 pm

    I am not really a make up person but this looks so lush and that lip gloss looks wonderful! A must have!

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