Tips to be Festival Ready

19th July 2018

Festival season is truly underway and I couldn’t be more excited. Summer has started off in full force with the weather in London surpassing all of our grand expectations. Time to let your hair down and enjoy the music and company of friends in the city.

I recently was invited to attend the BST festival in Hyde park courtesy of Samsung and it was an absolute blast.  Listening to top hits by Pink Floyd at golden hour, enjoying the company and food and totally being immersed in what felt like Coachella vibes, sure was a fun evening.  With this experience to mind, I’d thought I would put together tips to be festival ready.

Travel Light

Of course it may seem pretty basic but sometimes we can find ourselves wanting to bring with us so much stuff,  that it just becomes a pain to carry. I think the best way is to either have a small cross body or small rucksack or even a stylish belt bag. All you need is the essentials: money, water, phone and camera.

Snap Away

The best part is making memories that then you can keep and share with others. If you don’t want to bring a camera as it takes too much space then your phone is your best friend. You want to make sure that you are ready to snap away. I was lucky enough to experience the Samsung Galaxy S9 and wow what a difference it makes.  Having a high quality phone camera is a game changer and perfect for festival snapping. I was super impressed with the quality of the camera.

Redesigned with a new dual aperture lens that powers an innovative low-light camera, Super Slow-mo video capabilities and personalised AR Emoji, the Galaxy S9 ensure you do not miss a moment.

Taking photos at golden hour was no longer a challenge as the revolutionary camera adapts like the human eye — taking stunning pictures — from bright daylight to moonlight to super low light. I particularly loved the Super Slow motion: The camera that radically slows down time, making everyday moments epic. All about capturing the moment within the moment.

Stay Hydrated

It’s an obvious one but sometimes we get caught in the moment, having a drink in hot temperatures and perhaps forgetting that water is actually a good idea. I like to keep hydrated and always keep a bottle in my bag. You can always refill as well and do also some good to the environment!


Ok so at most festivals there’s always plenty of food available, especially at the BST there was all sorts that you weren’t going to be left hungry. However it’s always a good idea to have a few small snacks like nuts or cereal bars to keep energy levels up. You never know if queues are extremely long and it can be so hot that you might need to refuel.

Dress comfortably

British weather can always be quite versatile. We were really lucky to experience incredible weather and not a rain drop in sight. However we know that most of the time that may not be the case. So be prepared, dress comfortably and place in your bag something for the rain in case that downpour does surprise you. Same goes for hot weather, make sure  you have lots of SPF, hat and sunglasses!


More importantly enjoy the moment. Live, laugh, dance & sing like nobody’s watching 🙂

I was kindly invited to the BST festival by Samsung and gifted a Samsung Galaxy S9 – however all views, photography are my own. All pictures and videos are taken with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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