Fashion Tips For Black Tie Dressing

31st May 2018

The mention of a black tie event and we all go into a frenzy panic mode. We immediately assume we can only wear black and the choices are minimal. Well times have changed and it really isn’t as hard as one thinks. Here are a few tips for nailing the dress code.

So Many Options

The choice is actually quite vast, not as limited as you think. So many women panic and keep their choices quite minimal. You’d be surprised that a nice dress comes in so many shapes and colours that are black tie approved. It can be anything from slim line, voluminous, structured. A nice dress can be so many things; my only tip would be to avoid anything that is one inch or more above the knee. You can find an array of beautiful dresses for all shapes and sizes from House of Fraser.

There is More to Just Black

As soon as we hear black tie we immediately assume a black dress. Now I am the biggest lover of the colour black and I pretty much live in it. However you can be adventurous and wear colours for a black tie event. From bold to pastel colours and also prints, these can look beautiful at a summer cocktail events. Also white is a great alternative to black. Here I’ve opted for a lovely structured long dress in white – away from my usual black attire. I have a thing for maxi dresses so it made sense for me to choose one.

Work the Accessories

Your accessories can make any outfit stand out. From a red lipstick, to statement jewellery pieces to killer heels. These simple pieces can make a huge difference to your entire outfit. If you opt for a plain one colour dress then accessories can make an outfit. While if your dress has a print pattern then accessories are simply there to just support the outfit.

Feel Comfortable

This is always a tricky one as sometimes we go all out and want to really impress, that we get in a right pickle. We end up wearing something we wouldn’t usually opt for, get the dress shape wrong and end up feeling totally uncomfortable through the entire evening. Trust me I’ve been there before. But with time I have learnt that wearing something that you feel totally comfortable makes all the difference. If you know a certain dress shape works then work with that. You are your most attractive when you feel completely at ease. There are some great choices of dresses to make you feel good available here

What I’m Wearing…

Here I opted for a little bit of glamour with a fitted long one shoulder dress. Perfect for those special events. I have a slight tan so I thought white was a lovely colour to opt for keeping it fresh and simple. Because the dress itself is a plain colour I decided to go for statement gold earrings and a touch of red on the lips. Strappy sandals for minimal elegance. The dress feels incredibly comfortable and one I would wear on many important occasions. It is available from House of Fraser. Not one to break the bank but makes me feel a million dollars!

This post is in partnership with House of Fraser, however all photos, styling and words are my own.

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  1. Laurie

    19th June 2018 at 10:40 pm

    Wow, Wow! Cream or White are so elegant. You look amazing! And a million dollars x

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