My Weekend Bliss, Postcards from Norfolk!

Last weekend was certainly a blissful affair in Norfolk with my girls. A weekend full of chats, giggles and a good reason to totally switch off (bad wifi played a major role). It was my first time in Norfolk and with my dear friend Carole having decorated her new holiday cottage, it was the perfect excuse to visit. Along with Kate, us three girls enjoyed the sights and of course the food. While the weather was not on our side we still made the most of it and enjoyed being totally windswept by the coast. Here are a few snaps during my two days in Norfolk...


We walked along the Happisburgh beach with the cute and infamous red & white lighthouse overlooking the coast. It's a gorgeous sandy and quite secluded beach.

Happisburgh has always had massive problems with coastal erosion, and the beach has come about after many years of this. But it has left a beautiful and very unspoilt bay with amazing views of the incredibly picturesque lighthouse. 

Oh and Happisburgh is pronounced Haysbrough - go figure!


We were totally windswept like there was no tomorrow along the shingle beach in Cley. The village itself is dominated by the pretty 18th century windmill standing on the edge of the marshes. It is such a lovely walk from the beach to village which I highly recommend. When in Cley you will find a fantastic delicatessen, a bookshop, a couple of tea shops and of course  the local pub.

We had lunch at The George Hotel Pub - they do a mean fish & chips ;)

Burnham Market

Burnham Market is the main village and known as "Chelsea-on-sea" as it is full of pretty shops. It's a picturesque place with plenty of places to shop, eat and see. So many cute houses that I couldn't help but snap all of the pretty doortraits. It is very Instagram friendly for all those Insta buddies out here ;)

The Country Cottage

We stayed at Carole's cottage situated in East Ruston, named Brimstone Cottage. Carole has just redecorated the whole place and it is such a delight. With beautiful picturesque views over the lake, this cosy two bedroom cottage is the perfect escape from the city.

If you're looking for a place to rent while visiting Norfolk then I highly recommend this cosy little abode as you will totally not be disappointed. Shame the hostess doesn't come with it as Carole thoroughly spoilt us :)


If you're looking for a fancy place to eat then I highly recommend The Ingham Swan, we went there on our second night. Make sure to book as it does get busy.

Brimstone Cottage is available to rent for short breaks here.

My Favourite UK Home Inspiration Blogs to Follow

I’ve always been passionate about interior design since a very young age and I love nothing more than finding inspiration online. Usually blogs are my go to and I love nothing more relaxing with a nice cup of tea and having a good read.

So here are some of my favourite interior design bloggers that I regularly turn to for inspiration and which I think you guys should definitely check out. They all have totally different styles from one another and also different focuses, but all worth a read.

Carole King's country Cottage

Carole King's country Cottage

1. Dear Designer’s Blog

Not only is Carole King a fab friend but we have also been running Heart Home magazine together for the last 5 years. You'll also find her over at Dear Designer’s Blog, where she gives plenty of insight into home decor, shopping tips and anything else that inspires her; in particular her new country cottage that has recently undergone a total transformation. I'll be there this weekend checking out the new place and I cannot wait!

2. Pippa Jameson Interiors

Renowned Interior stylist Pippa Jameson blogs about her life as a stylist as well as advising on currents trends. With an a pretty impressive portfolio, who better than her on giving styling tips. I've also been extremely lucky to have worked with Pippa in a few shoots for Heart home magazine. 

3. Love Chic Living

Jen Stanbrook is the founder of one of my favourite interior design blogs, Love Chic Living. A multi award winning blog focusing on style and design for a family home. Blogger, writer and presenter, she is also a pinterest addict with nearly one million followers. Jen also offers online pinterest courses to help you come to grips and learn more about this social media platform.

Pippa Jameson for Homestyle magazine, photographed by Jo Henderson.

Pippa Jameson for Homestyle magazine, photographed by Jo Henderson.

4. The Ana Mum Diary

This is such a sweet and friendly blog written by Amanda Cottingham. The Ana Mum Diary includes topics such as home interiors, travel, design, food, beauty and fashion. It’s such a feel good blog all round!

5. A Residence Blog

Penny Alexander is the author behind multi-awardwinning blog A Residence, where she writes about family life, food, gardens, interiors, wellbeing, relationships and travel - anything that makes life at home happier. In 2014 the online homestore bought A Residence. 

6. #tidylife

A self-confessed homebird and interiors enthusiast, Antonia Ludden blogs over at #tidylife full of home, garden and lifestyle inspiration. It's all about inspiring people to improve their homes in an affordable way. Her warm and friendly approach really shine through!

7. Old Fashioned Susie

Susie Earlam is the blogger behind Old Fashioned Susie. I love this blog because not only does it talk about interiors but there's plenty of lifestyle features and I adore Susie's unique fashion style with plenty of beautiful vintage finds.

Via Antonia Ludden from #tidylife.

Via Antonia Ludden from #tidylife.

8. The Design Sheppard

Stacey Sheppard is a freelance writer and blogger who specializes in interior design. The Design Sheppard is full of the very best products, projects, events and designers that she meets along the way. The blog covers both high-end design as well as budget friendly high-street finds that can help people recreate the latest design trends in their own homes.

9. Renovation Bay-Bee

Stephanie Bay-Bee's blog is all about creating a beautiful home within a tight budget. She also loves to take us on her journeys with her family and all the fun places they visit together. A truly fun and inspiring blog.

10. Molly and the Princess

Art historian by day, blogger by night, meet Molly.  Molly and the Princess is a blog full of home and lifestyle inspiration, where she shares her passion for a simple but stylish living. Also a real lover of nature you can find her over on Instagram showcasing all of her finds. In case you were wondering, the Princess is her bicycle.

11. Fresh Design Blog

Rachel Newcombe runs Fresh Design Blog, with a real focus on contemporary home and gardens ideas. There's also plenty of inspiration with a great mix from designer buys to affordable high street finds. You'll also find Rachel writing for Houzz, Reclaim magazine, eBay, just to name a few.     

The adorable Susie Earlam via Ild Fashioned Susie.

The adorable Susie Earlam via Ild Fashioned Susie.

12. Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

Karen is a self-confessed interiors geek always on the lookout for quirky family-friendly décor on a budget. Her blog follows the journey of the renovation of her South Manchester home since 2011, taking it one DIY at a time.

13. A Beautiful Space

Becky Goddard-Hill blogs about family life and her love of home, gardens and interiors. A Beautiful Space is a celebration of the lovely things in life, whioch frankly we all need in our life!

 14. The White Approach Lifestyle

Karen Jones’ blog is all about interior design, home style, DIY and tips on Scandinavian style. Being a lover of the colour white she loves documenting her renovations in her all white Art Deco home.  Karen is also owner of the white approach online store.

15. Fifi McGee

Meet Fifi, a self confessed cushion addict. Her blog is on a mission to help couples decorate their homes so nice they’ll never want to leave. It is full of stories to help empower the not-so-confident decorator to unleash their ideas and ‘just do it’.

Via Fifi McGee

Via Fifi McGee

Recipe Of The Week: Coconut Strawberry Popsicles

Summer is officially here and even though the weather has been a little balmy we are not going to let that dampen our moods. In fact it's all about embracing the new season, so that is why my sister and I have been working on many ice cream and popsicle recipes. This particular one is definitely a favourite of ours, we just love anything with coconut. The perfect and refreshing healthy summer treat.


160ml of coconut cream

2 Teaspoons of coyo coconut yoghurt

1 Teaspoon of coconut flakes (make sure they are sugar free)

1-2 Teaspoons of xylitol (you can use any natural sweetener of your choice. How much you use depends on how sweet you like your ice lollies)

4 Small strawberries chopped

We used mini silicone moulds from a brand called Silkomart purchased on amazon. You can use any moulds of your choice. Our ones are tiny so if you have bigger ones you will need to double or even triple the ingredients. We used strawberries but feel free to use any fruit of your choice.

Place all the ingredients except for the strawberries in a blender and blend until smooth. If you are using the Silkomart moulds which are open you will need to insert the sticks in before you pour the mixture in. We made this mistake and we had a big mess on our kitchen floor! Place pieces of strawberries into each of the moulds then pour the mixture and place in the freezer. If you have normal moulds you do not need to insert the sticks in before pouring the mixture. Just place the pieces of fruit in first, pour in the mixture and place in the freezer. After 30 minutes you can insert the sticks. After 5 hours they should be ready. Enjoy!

Dania Trapani  is a fully qualified nutritional therapist and naturopath. Make sure to follow her blog for her latest recipes and healthy tips.