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First stop: The Highline Hotel in NYC Via Hotel Tonight

14th August 2015

Following on from my adventures state side, our first stop was in NYC. We stayed at the super cool Highline Hotel, in Chelsea. The interiors here had a very understated industrial feel to them mixed with some great one off pieces. Attention to detail was key and they had so many interesting vignettes in the lobby and hotel bedrooms.

The High Line Hotel has a total of 60 rooms, each graciously decorated offering a very unique look. Our room had a chinoiserie feel to it with one-of-a-kind locally sourced furniture. And let me tell you that those oversized beds are just so damn comfortable.

We found this awesome hotel via the app Hotel Tonight – where you can find amazing last minute deals at top-rated hotels. I highly recommend it as it is really great and so simple to use.

I was kindly hosted at The Highline Hotel by Hotel Tonight / All views are my own.

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  1. AtiqUr Rehman

    18th August 2015 at 10:34 am

    Arianna, love some of the interior bits in above pictures, the one with brushes looks really awesome.

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